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    Vad kan jag hjälpa dig med?

    30 min.

  • Available Online

    Förändra ditt liv inifrån (Självledarskap - ledarskap)

    1 tim.

    1,200 Swedish kronor
  • Available Online

    Coaching enligt överenskommelse med kund

    1 tim.



Fantastic woman! Calm down, a good listener & comes with good & concrete tips


"It has been so valuable. Did not feel really good when I started the five conversations and needed to find myself and my confidence in this journey."


"Calm and patient. She also created an environment where it was easy to share thoughts without it feeling awkward."


"Pleasant, objective, professional and friendly.

Interesting and rewarding conversation. Good questions.

Sometimes it's very valuable to evaluate one's thoughts from someone else's perspective. "


"Good listener, see 'patterns' that allow her to guide me further."


"The twinkle in my eye. No answers but just lots of questions that I then have to work through. Did not release any shortcuts. Praise for progress in my questions. She dared to be quiet and wait for me when I fell into my thoughts. Good also with summary at the last conversation so that it became so visible what I had actually done. "


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