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Vänlig konversation


The value for the company

Coaching can help your business attract and retain talented employees. If you have experienced a challenge in finding fantastic employees (or staying in the company), then your company needs to decide to invest in the development of its employees. Coaching is a great way to develop employees and make them feel that the company values ​​their development.

Coaching boosts productivity and efficiency. This is of course extra important if you have employees who have shouldered a new role in the organization or perhaps have reached a new level of leadership. The coach is trained to inspire the client to reach their personal and professional potential and thus increase productivity and efficiency. According to the study mentioned above, it was reported that 70% of clients experienced positive improvements in their job performance.

Companies are taking more and more help from Coaches in their business, both in leadership and for employees. Some companies have their own coaches internally, while others hire external coaches. There can be several reasons, but a large part is that managers and leaders do not always have time for their employees, and managers may need support in their leadership.

Unlike mentors and counselors, a Coach works to identify strengths and the client's own potential and then builds on it towards greater awareness and self-leadership. Coaching has become a professional profession, and working as a Coach for companies requires some form of certified training.


"Pleasant, objective, professional and friendly.

Interesting and rewarding conversation. Good questions.

Sometimes it's very valuable to evaluate one's thoughts from someone else's perspective. "


"Good listener, see 'patterns' that allow her to guide me further."


"The twinkle in my eye. No answers but just lots of questions that I then have to work through. Did not release any shortcuts. Praise for progress in my questions. She dared to be quiet and wait for me when I fell into my thoughts. Good also with summary at the last conversation so that it became so visible what I had actually done. "


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